Remote Castration


07.29 / 09.15.18

Group Exhibition

John Altoon
Nancy Buchanan
Kathryn Garcia
Daniel T Gaitor-Lomack
Jenny Holzer
Nova Jiang
Paul McCarthy
Jahni Moore
Sue Williams
Benjamin Weissman

Remote Castration is a group exhibition that reflects on the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements and how they resonate with a trajectory of feminist thought in contemporary art. The exhibition’s title is derived from a piece of graffiti—spotted in L.A. in fall of 2017—that serves as both provocation and barometer for a collective consciousness operating around gender and power today. While marking a paradigm shift in outdated systems of authority, the present outing of sexual misconduct and abuse of power (on a scale and frequency unlike any before) raises important questions around social behavior, sexuality, ethics, truth, desire, repression, language, selfhood, and privilege.

This exhibition will be accompanied by a related series of events this September. Events include the launch of Futura/No Futura, a new collection of 26 broadsheets featuring concrete poetry by women artists, published by LAXART; a lecture on sculpture and reproductive rights by artist and lawyer Ragen Moss; performance by Daniel T. Gaitor-Lomack; and more.

Lead support for this exhibition is provided by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

Curated by Catherine Taft.


Related Programming

09.15.18 / 3pm


Please join us for a curatorial walkthrough of Remote Castration led by LAXART curator, Catherine Taft.

09.15.18 / 4pm

What Constitutional Law Can Learn From Sculpture

This lecture by artist and lawyer Ragen Moss utilizes art to perform specific and pointed work on Constitutional questions.