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Deep Listening Festival

1954 marked the premiere of John Cage’s seminal 4’33”, a musical composition made up of a silence lasting the duration of the work’s title.  A year later saw the advent of Musique Concrete, a genre whose music is comprised exclusively of pre-recorded sound.  Between these two developments, the distinction between music and noise, or sound in general, was hopelessly blurred. Music could be defined as a way of listening as much as by what is listened to. Several decades later, these ideas remain at the heart of experimental practices.  Moreover, digital technology has made the movement between music and sound ever more fluid and seamless. 

Comprised of four evenings, the Deep Listening Festival will focus on a range experimental practices (electronic, electro-acoustic, documentary, improvisation) utilizing pre-recorded material, notably field recordings (recordings documenting the sounds of a given environment). The recordings are from a range of aurally rich locales (the Oakland port, the Everglades, fracking sites in West Texas, the ports of Miura City in Japan) In some cases, these recordings are compositional source material. In others, they serve as sparring partners for improvisors. And yet in others, they are ends in themselves, documents to be listened to with an attenuation usually reserved for music. The series features seven artists and will take place in conjunction with the exhibition Outside/In.


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