Deep Listening Festival


11.09.19 / 8pm

Birgit Ulher (Trumpet, Electronics) + Gino Robair (Electronics)

Exceptionally seasoned improvisers, Robair and Ulher have two releases under their belts, Sputter (2004) and Blips and Ifs (2008).  Working with circuit bending and what he refers to as “voltage made audible,” Robair is a percussionist in the expanded field.  Ulher, a trumpet player, favors the instruments inner workings over its traditional outward timbres.  Her lip, tongue and valve-work expose the instrument as little more than an extension of human plumbing.  Given the date of their last release, this gig is a long awaited reunion of friends who are sure to pick up right where their ever evolving, always exciting musical dialogue was last left.   Whether it is a spikey contrapuntal exchange of the snap, crackle and pop variety, or the melding of textured yawns peppered with Ulher’s signature hisses and kisses, this duet is all about toe-to-toe points of connection. In addition to their duet work, the two of them have graciously agreed to engage with Phil Peters’ low frequency sound installation which is featured in the exhibition Outside/In.  


7000 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90038