Deep Listening Festival


11.03.19 / 7pm

Toshiya Tsunoda.jpg

Toshiya Tsunoda: A Retrospective

Yokohama-based Toshiya Tsunoda is a sound artist widely regarded as one of field recording’s leading practitioners.  His sensitivity to native ambiance at both the micro and macro levels is balanced with a deep experimental drive.  For him, the microphone is anything but a passive recording device. Instead it allows for a revolution in perception, giving us access to otherwise imperceptible phenomena.  While his vibration studies are as severe as the most abstract piece of electronic music, his “landscapes,” as he calls them, notably those from the seashore in and around the port city of Miura, are drop dead lyrical.  Earlier this year, the folks at Erstwhile Records released a 5 cd set Extract From Field Recording Archive, with selections going as far back as the early 90s. For this event, Tsunoda was asked to make a roughly 90 minute selection serving as a retrospective of his work.


7000 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90038