Deep Listening Festival


10.13.19 / 7pm

Bow Hard At The Frog

Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello) + Gustavo Matamoros (field recordings)

In 2016, cellist and improviser extraordinaire Fred Lonberg-Holm was invited to the Subtropics Artist Residency at Audiotheque, a Miami based initiative. He then set out into the Everglades of Northern Florida where he took as collaborators the very vocal and varied species of frogs. Impeccably documented by the experienced soundscape artist and field recordist Gustavo Matamoros, the result was the 2018 release Bow Hard At the Frog. Matamoros’ microphones literally soaked up the swamp, with its teeming insect life and assorted gurgles. For this live concert, Lonberg-Holm will perform over a spatialized remix manned by Matamoros. The evening will kick off with a version of Matamoros’ 2013 recording Distant Bats.


7000 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90038