Deep Listening Festival


10.06.19 / 7pm

Geneva Skeen +  Anne Guthrie

For Skeen and Guthrie, the field recording is simultaneously binding agent and base layer. Skeen's 2019 release, Dream State takes its title from a 2016 composition she reworked into a brooding, ambient affair. Drawn from the Oakland Port, its source material is set within a soundscape aptly evoking a dense fog. Guthrie’s Brass Orchids (2018) is a palimpsest of lingering sounds in which space and distance play no small part. Abstract electronic tones and textures only serve to throw its lyrical pre-recorded material into high relief as it takes on the character of memory and nostalgia. This concert will feature a set by each artist consisting of live, four channel mixes, and, in Guthrie’s case, live acoustic samples.


7000 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90038