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LA><ART><DESIGN is a new group in keeping with the original mission of LA><ART, as an independent nonprofit space responding to the cultural climate of Los Angeles and questioning the given contexts for the exhibition of contemporary art, architecture and design. LA><ART was originally founded in 2005 as an answer to an urgency and obligation to provide an accessible exhibition space for contemporary artists. LA><ART><DESIGN furthers the original mission by expanding into an adjacent community of integral Design. The newest group, chaired by Oliver M. Furth, will focus on 21st Century Design and Decorative Arts, as it relates to the City of Los Angeles. Members will participate in intimate studio visits with leading LA designers and emerging makers, learn about the architectural history of our city while discovering new tenets in contemporary Design. Members will engage in ongoing projects, programming and participate in pushing the Design dialogue forward. Your $500 annual membership is a charitable donation that is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.


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